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Word Riffs

Words & phrases from the novellas have been
combined with joining words - to create ‘word riff' passages

Enjoy playing with language
The eccentric riffs are a type of literary 'jazz improvisation'
that signals the atmospherics of Season One

If we Ignore Justice and Liberation then Futility Contempt Control and Fear and the Tabernacle Martyr will see the Melting Saint watching the Peephole Priest eat the atomic pigs. As they Transfer the radiation from the Botanic Dolly ewe they can take Revenge on the Electrodes Treatment. Then they will make a Submission about the Poverty Plan for the Flagellation Dispatch Boxes and the State Ranking Register. In the Dominus Regis they watch the homeless in debt-internment camps after the Humiliation Inquiry has looked at Smog Death. The Hand of the Cleft Palate Triggers Collective smiles at the Gravolent Suffering. It is the Medicated who Disperse to save the statue of the Prodigal Sinner. They cry out Bless You. They Chant Ganglands Engorgement Songs for the portly flagellant monk. They Hope the Smog and the Weeping Heel can Spew the Goat from the Atomic Beefeater Guests. They have Stunning Blasphemous Lips sitting under their Night Mitre Rectory Feathers. And the Rebuked Hornsmen Radio all the Astmatics to Warn the Young Inferiors not to Clean the Enemas once they are Satisfied the Aerial Choir has provided Sherrie with pictures of War Spaniels engaged in Chromatic Licking underneath the Vibraphone Warts. The Archdeacon Delays his Frown to help Octavia and Rapsody with the Furious Acts of God inside the Official Greenhouse Crash. The Commander Forecast shows Perceval Lamb in the Hammerehead crane of the Thallium Meatport buying Transition Synthetic Plumes so that the Mood Silhouette Gargoyles will be Envious of the Altar Flower Foyer. It is Mandy Fagan who Purged the White Gloved Clapper Balls whilst the Squeaking Noviciates learn to Huddle Beneath Gregorian Picket Fencing. The Caring Trans-gender Plumes Disguised the Skeleton Closet so  its economic secrets Trigger Happy Oligarchs to pat the Compulsive Faith Dog. It Recognises a Flagellation chamber. It Confuses Counselling so that Washing Feet causes an Envious Attorney-general in Whitehall's Grooming Salon to run Private Errands with Toe Mania and thus Disturb the Useless Crannies as they Patronise State-leader Bustwick and the Rational Promotion of the Mendacious Plan. An Androgynous Operator at the Intersection is visioning a Flawless Helmeted Traumatist. He puts on a Skin Harness. He Grips the Enthroned Body Politic, whilst it watches Jack Spooner eat the Bread. Eat Up Jack. You are excused. Hurry Back. Don’t miss the meeting. The Bowl Accused them of Swallowing a Toast Blade so the Chamber can Demand the Members have the forbidden fruit. They Hobble Beyond their Polarised Arsenal Glasses Grim with Limbo Honour and Emotional with Governor Graves in an Embittered Coma. Nem-but-al Entitlements Compromise their Melancholy. The banished inferiors in the Capital have Obliterated all Ego ping-pong and Imperial Queens so that the Outer Circle is engaged in prolonged Laughter. Hah! Hah Hah! As the Grimacing Beggars Gossip in the Camps the Homeless Shout. They shout Safe Nesting Slogans  to Five Thousand Rapturous Export Beef  Chickens. The Orderly Ganglands Line-up sponsored Thought Impressions and Joke about cumberous funds in the Ganglands. Their Supporters Dominate Media Spending Anytime Thallium decides to Question the Jest Murmur in a  droll tone. The Gavel Smirked Party Gas and Mock Immolation Burnings stay as Bustwick reads the Parable of Washing Percy. He is Behind the Laundry Eyes. The Automata Couple have a Straight Voice as the Group of Indulgences Say there is no more Electronic Pregnancy Workshops. Or a Baby Constitution left to affect the Floodlights Confidence in the Dominus. The Glittering Scuffle Chain Camouflage Smelly Feet Scorning the Lost Arm as it moves along the Conveyer. The Brimstone Blood Beef Batch Bones have Towelling Greyhound Sausages that foreclose on the Reculsant System. The Lesson Discerns Danger. The Daily Gravel reports Bananas acting as unchecked complainants. There is Virulence Authority and Protection for Peacock stew as the State Flounces Officials to hit the Young Streets and the Blue Markets in an Anguish to Avoid the Boundaries of the Gospel Puritan Revelations. They are Flickering Anecdotes about Propaganda Puberty and Homebrewed Emotions Unravelled by Biblical Abdomens who Spatter doll Scriptures at Mrs Albertus's laundry dwarfs in the Sin Fog to help Dirk van Ritter's Healing.  Hands  Step up to Tristan's Incredulous Games of Eucharist Dressing to save Blotting Glass Putrification on Screamed Fruit Prattle Shunning Argus Boots Inside the Distorted Child Sirens whilst  they  Marshal Eagerness Offers in Truth Circle Sharing Proclivities for Inferior Sects who want Atonement. The Airwaves Servant Delusion Ensemble are Programmed by Commodore Petersen Beyond a Stultified Button Demeanour to mask the Voluptuous Garments worn by Father Santamaria and the Iron Jazz Camp Club. They Play with Plastic Comatose Doll Fascinators  with Defaulting Talk Enhancements  as they Glisten Randomly Intelligent Head Scrotum Babble from the Portrait Diaphragm who is Patiently Speaking Bass on an Ornamental Frock Crack in the Cathedral with the Unbridled Organist. The Silent Tension Hoist is a Contagion Scaffold with Palpable Sopranos who practise Unimpeded Congregation Relief for the Aberrant Choir with Superb Wonderment. Their Air Borne Formations attract Intimidating Robes that Natascha Witnesses with a Miraculous Basil to Corroborate Judgement in a Remarkable Gesture... and as it is above and so it is... said the archbishop to the veiled ones.

Kevin Karmalade is enthusiastic about 'the sound' of language & words
In May 2019 - join the writer in making a recording of the full word riff passage above
Kevin has already started  - so get ready to post yours on You Tube in May
The Hail Regina channel link for where to link your video will be announced shortly
Start practicing - you or one of your family members, a teacher, a relative or friend could
become a fabulous word-riffer before you know itl