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Hail Regina
is a two-book social satire set in the near future. The story focuses on the planning and building of the Royal Docklands Centre, built on the waterfront of the Capital. We follow Dirk van Ritter's  quest for evevation within the civil service. The work can be read and experienced as a simple story but also on a secondary level - touches upon the flaws and foibles of society. 

 The  novel begins in 2027 and reverts back to 2025 briefly. It is set in a dystopian state around the politics and activity of the Capital.  We recognise  some real-world institutions, but only vaguely, for they have been warped and re-shaped along with the characters that inhabit them. Our reaction has the capacity   to tell us something about ourselves. The citizens are governed and compliance is traded for their security. Outside the Capita'ls walls - in the ganglands, control is much less certain and more 'tribal'. In the Capital, the ruling party in power - the Secular Party dominate what happens. Relationships are nutured by the Party.

The esoteric secrets of church and state are only known to the elite and the oligarch's of the party. We witness a strange morality, where a sperated system of punishment and ritual through the flagellation of political leaders, clergy and judiciaryu is formally carried out underneath St. Dandy's Cathedral. 

Although the work is entirely fictional, some of the inspirations for the novels include previous dystopian works such as Brave New World (Huxley) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell)  .